The 3 In 1 Body Contouring System

Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive and widely-tested technique that subjects fatty tissue to intensive, controlled cooling. This destroys some of the fatty cells, which are then eliminated via the normal metabolic processes. The result?  A visible thinning of the fatty layer.

CRYO SHAPE packs 3 simultaneous synergic functions:


– A powerful CRYOGENIC system with automatically-controlled gradual temperature reduction.

– Adjustable-intensity vacuum technology can be used in constant or pulsed mode, combined with LED light (630 nm) to improve the elasticity of the tissue treated.

– Just 3 sessions at one-month intervals are enough to contour the body to your customer’s requirements. Results last 8-10 months on average.

The advantages of CRYO SHAPE:

– Treat two areas at the same time using 2   handsets

– Hand piece for large areas (optional)

– An automatic, 3-step program

– Vacuum function with 4 different suction modes

– Peltier silicone technology for total safety of use

Are you troubled by stubborn pockets of body fat that just wont budge no matter how hard you diet or exercise?

At Lush Beauty & Laser Clinic we can reduce your lumps and bulges with 3D Lypo fat freezing.

Fat freezing or crylipolysis, can selectively target troublesome areas of fat such as muffin tops, love handles, bingo wings and back fat. The treatments destroy fat cells to reduce fat in the selected area. Using the latest technologies with 3D lypo, fat freezing treatments can reduce the number of fat cells in a specific area helping to shape and sculpt your body whilst boosting your self confidence. Fat freezing also known as cool sculpting, it is completely noninvasive, safe and effective treatment for the reduction of body fat. It is the fraction of the cost of cosmetic surgery making this treatment a real alternative to liposuction. 3D lypo is a huge hit with celebrities such as Coline Rooney, Patsy Kensit and Amy Childs. They all chose 3D liposuction treatments rather than going under the knife. Is fat freezing safe?

There have been millions of fat free treatments delivered worldwide. Crylipolysis is considered to be a safe treatment with a low number of adverse reactions when the procedure is performed correctly. With the potential health risk and recovery times associated with cosmetic surgery, Crylipolysis has become a very popular treatment for those seeking an alternative to traditional liposuction.

Is fat freezing suitable for me?

Fat freezing is suitable for many people looking for a noninvasive and effective body contouring treatment. It is ideal for someone who is a healthy weight or within a couple of stones of their ideal weight; who has stubborn pockets of body fat that does not respond to diet and exercise. Fat freezing is effective on larger clients but they may require multiple treatments on the same area to achieve the desired results. For clients who are overweight we can offer a combination of our weight loss programme alongside a bespoke programme of fat reduction treatments.

Are there any side effects?

There are no adverse long-term effects. The concept is based on the susceptibility of fat cells to the cold. It is proven that our skin and fat are affected at different temperatures; therefore you can freeze the fat but not harm the skin. With that said patients may experience a little bruising and numbness, which tends to last several days.

How long will it take me to recover?

The method is 100% non-invasive, this means non-surgical, no pain, no side effect , no discomfort. With no restrictions or limitations imposed patients are free to resume their lives immediately after treatment, with the help of a soothing product.

Is it a cure for Cellulite or Obesity?

It is used to target troublesome areas of fat e.g. abdominal pouches, for a more slim and toned look. It reshapes the silhouette and reduces the volume of excessive body fat.

Is there an age limit?

Patients must be older than 18.

What happens during the treatment?

Once you have helped identify the treatment area your therapist will place a cool gel pad over it to help protect the skin. A vacuum is then attached to the area, which draws in the fat, and as this occurs you will experience a mild cold sensation, which will gradually drop in temperature, freezing the fat cells.

“Amazing results after only 8 weeks! I would recommend Lush beauty and Cryoshape to anyone looking to achieve their desired body and confidence when the gym still doesn’t budge those stubborn areas. Many thanks ”
Hannah Davies

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.


  • 1 Area (1 Session) £145
  • 1 Area (3 Sessions) £350
  • 2 Areas (1 Session) £260
  • 2 Areas (3 Sessions) £650
  • 3 Areas (1 Session) £350
  • 3 Areas (3 Sessions) £850
  • 4 Areas (1 Session) £440
  • 4 Areas (3 Sessions) £1000

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