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The Suspension Silhouette Lift is a revolutionary new procedure that gives you the chance to restore your youthful, fresh appearance, without a general anaesthetic, without an overnight hospital stay and without a long recovery time. This minimally invasive technique is used to lift and reposition sagging mid-face tissue. Silhouette Sutures offer significantly greater lift due to their unique absorbable cones which give strong traction when lifting the soft tissue.

The Procedure Is Ideal For The Following:

Those who want to eliminate sagging skin without a full facelift
Young people who want to correct relaxation in their face
Anyone who wants to achieve the return of a defined jaw line
Patients who have had a facelift in the past and who now want to refresh the results with a small “pull”
Those who would like to regain the volume in their cheekbones without implants – Anyone who has noticeable wrinkles around the mouth
Anyone who would like to have a natural rejuvenation without altering their expression – Patients who wish to improve their face but do not want a long recovery
Patients who wish to see immediate results

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You may experience some mild discomfort during treatment, however a local anesthetic will be used to minimise any pain caused and to prevent any soreness.

Your skin will look immediately firmer, with lines and wrinkles appearing softer. Gradual results will also be seen over time as the Polylactic acid gets to work for a natural look. Collagen production will be stimulated and lost volume will be restored.

The treatment can last up to 18 months. The threads are completely biodegradable and will be safely absorbed by the body over time. Factors such as exposure to the sun and lifestyle choices may affect how long results last. An ongoing effective daily skincare regime is crucial to help promote and achieve optimum results. Wear a minimum of SPF 30 daily to help protect your skin against sun damage and ageing.

It is not recommended to undergo any beauty treatments, facials and dental treatment during the week following treatment. Any contact sports should also be avoided for the first few weeks and if possible sleep on your back to avoid complications.

You may experience some light bruising, swelling or redness after the treatment, however this will subside on its own within a few days. In the event of pain, take a pain reliever as advised by your doctor.

Yes, when performed by a specially trained doctor. We employ some of the best doctors in the UK, each of whom are trained to the highest standard in the industry.

Yes it can. Popular treatments such as dermal fillers and skin peels can sometimes be taken at the same time. Upon your consultation you will be able to discuss your specific concern and treatment needs.

"I couldn't be happier with the results!"

Gillian Taylforth
*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.


Treatment Price
2 Lifts (Thread Lift)
4 Lifts (Thread Lift)
6 Lift (Thread Lift)
8 Lift (Thread Lift)