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Having brilliantly white teeth is about more than just a dazzling Hollywood smile – it’s also about boosting your confidence and improving your appearance, so you feel happier and less self-conscious. If you’re looking for laser teeth whitening, Lush Beauty & Laser Clinic provides a highly professional and affordable service, using the most advanced teeth whitening techniques on the market.

No matter how much care you take with your teeth, the stresses and strains of everyday living will take their toll on the appearance of what once were beautifully pearly whites. As we age, the enamel on our teeth becomes more porous and more prone to staining.

Tea and coffee will leave their marks on teeth, as will red wine, tobacco and fizzy drinks. Regular brushing and flossing can help prevent plaque, gum disease and bad breath. What it won’t do is get rid of those everyday stains that are impossible to avoid.

Your smile is one of the first things that people will notice about you, and if you are self-conscious about the appearance of your teeth, you’ll feel even more uncomfortable in social and work situations.

For many people, the solution to the problem is laser teeth whitening. Some choose to have the procedure done for a special occasion, such as a wedding, or when they are going for a job interview and want that extra boost to their confidence that only a genuine smile can bring.

Laser teeth whitening is now a quick process that is within the price reach of everyone and can even be done in a lunch hour, making Lush Beauty & Laser Clinic your ideal solution for teeth whitening.

Make me Smile! With the benefits that laser teeth whitening has to offer, it’s easy to see why more of us are plumping for this treatment.

The professional service provided by Lush Beauty & Laser Clinic teeth whitening clinics includes trained specialists available to talk on the telephone to potential clients about what treatment might suit them best, what the costs are, and what improvements they can expect to see in their teeth and how soon.

Providing professional advice and an individual service is essential to Lush Beauty & Laser Clinic –Our teeth whitening consultants are all highly trained and experienced in administering the most advanced laser teeth whitening, including the most popular system that delivers visible results in just one hour.

Each client enjoys an in-depth consultation that reveals what kind of staining and marks are present on the teeth and then the treatment is tailored to achieve the best results for each individual.

Those who choose the 60-minute smile transformation will go through three 10-15 minute cycles, administered by the specialist consultants, to achieve the sparkling smile their heart desires. The treatment does not damage

enamel, but will get rid of those nasty stains that no amount of brushing can ever erase.

To restore both your confidence and your dazzling bright smile, choose Lush Beauty & Laser Clinic, the ideal solution for teeth whitening.

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How does lush beauty & laser clinic differ from other teeth whitening experts?

Lush Beauty & Laser Clinic is unique in offering, as standard, a combination treatment that is designed to achieve the best results for our clients in attaining and maintaining a Lush white smile. By offering a combination treatment – consisting of an in-clinic treatment often referred to as a ‘laser’ treatment and the provision of a customised tray home kit – Lush Beauty & Laser Clinic provides a treatment that is affordable, effective and safe. Please note, the term ‘laser’ is commonly used when describing this type of teeth whitening however the light that we use is a cold light emitting diode (L.E.D) which we favour because not only is it very effective but (because it works without any heat) it causes much less sensitivity than some other systems commonly used by both non-dentist and dentist teeth whiteners alike.

I have a cap or a veneer, can i still use this treatment?

Yes this is fine, however the implant will only whiten back to its original colour and your natural teeth may become whiter. Some clients choose to whiten their teeth before having their implant replaced to match their new lighter shade. Alternatively, with the flexibility of the gradual whitening achieved with our treatment it is simple to match up stained teeth with a lighter implant.

How does the treatment work?

Your teeth become naturally stained in the course of everyday life. Dietary and lifestyle factors, such as smoking, may result in increased staining. This type of staining is known as extrinsic staining, and is ideal for our teeth whitening treatment. The treatment that we offer opens up the pores of the tooth enamel, and lifts out the particles which have stained the teeth, restoring the teeth to the shade that they were before they were stained.

What is the aftercare?

It is not recommended to undergo any beauty treatments, facials and dental treatment during the week following treatment. Any contact sports should also be avoided for the first few weeks and if possible sleep on your back to avoid complications.

What results can be expected?

Most clients can expect that their teeth will be whitened in-clinic by between 8 to 12 shades. This result can be maintained or even improved using the customised tray home kit.

Will my teeth whiten evenly?

It is common for the edges of the teeth to whiten faster than the rest which can make the teeth appear uneven for a while. This is because the enamel is thicker near to the gum line and so the whitening gel takes longer to penetrate the top of the tooth. The colour will even out with continued treatments.

“Didn’t feel comfortable spending crazy amounts of money at the dentists when Lush was doing pretty much the same thing. My teeth didn’t feel sensitive what so ever as it was non-peroxide but the results were great! ”

Micky Mall
*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.


Treatment Price
Teeth Whitening (x1 60 min Session)
Teeth Whitening (4 Sessions)